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PRFI Residential Programs

Established in the mid-seventy years (1975), the Institute obtained the auspices of three (3) Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) which provide a home-like environment and culturally sensitive service spectrum which has been person centered for developmentally disabled individuals to acquire the activities of daily living skills (ADLS) that are essential for them as independent as possible, thus, enabling them with inclusion and to reintegrate with their families.  

In 2003, PRFI developed a new program which was the Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) program. Since then, the new program with other three (3) ICFs have been in business with high rated standing as the program operation continues provide person centered planned individualized services to our DD individuals based on their daily needs. 

With this program operation the PRFI has not only provided the much needed culturally sensitive rehabilitative residential services to our DD individuals, it had also provided employment to over 70 employees who were mostly minorities and disadvantaged but proficient work forces. Their 24-hours assistance with empathy, care and proficiencies to our DD individuals made the PRFI residential program operation to as one of the best managed program operation in the area. 


Some of the highlights of the daily programs in the residences emphasize on activities that promotes adaptive skill training, self-care, physical fitness, domestic, arts and craft, work and relationship skills as well.

All Programs are located in the Bronx and they are funded though OPWDD - Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.

Syed Islam – LMSW

Director of Residential Services


BRONX, NY 10469


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