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Volunteering at The Puerto Rican Family Institute:

Volunteers at PRFI offer friendly, individualized attention to our programs needs.  This interaction with our individuals, employees, and clients makes a meaningful difference in their lives. We have opportunities to be a Mentor, Special interest activities sponsors (share your talents with staff), and Fundraising committee.

Our Human Resources Department prior to working in any of our programs must clear all volunteers.


Our mental health clinics offer Social Workers Internships.  We accommodate Master Level Social Work School Requirements to help them achieve success towards licensure examination.

PRFI & SAMHSA acknowledge that behavioral health and general wellness programs increase consciousness about the vital role mental health plays in our overall health. To provide resources and information to support individuals and communities needing mental health support.

With a grant obtained from SAMSHA, PRFI offers the services of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT). We have certified, trained clinicians who utilize this evidence-based treatment program.

This is a form of psychotherapy that has been demonstrated to be effective for a range of problems. It focuses on modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts by interrogating and uprooting negative or irrational beliefs.

Remember that TFCBT is a collaborative process, and therapists tailor the approach to everyone’s needs. 

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