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Home Based Crisis Intervention Program

Provides an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization and/or placements for at risk children, ages 5-17. Intervention is conducted at the family’s home or other natural setting (i.e. park, library).

The program is short term, lasting 4-6 weeks. 

At the end of this period if additional services are required the program will make the necessary linkages. 


  • Crisis intervention.

  • 24-hour on call coverage.

  • Family counseling.

  • Parenting skills.

  • Management of psychotropic medication.

  • Assertiveness and communication skills training.

  • Referrals to legal, medical, mental health and other entitlements.

  • School advocacy.

Admission Process:

Children must be deemed “at risk of psychiatric hospitalization” by a Psychiatristin order to be admitted to the program.

A psychosocial summary and a psychiatric evaluationare required documentation for acceptance. 


All services are provided by bilingual/bicultural workers. (English/Spanish).

Staff Consists of Program Coordinator, 5 Counselors and a Psychiatrist. 

Catchment Areas:

Brooklyn, NY. 

Barbara Bonhomme

Program Director

12 Park Street (lower level)

Brooklyn, NY 11206

Tel: 718-596-1320

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