Puerto Rican Family Institute & Hope for Families and Children Foundation will collect contributions for the Hurricane Fiona victims in Puerto Rico.

 During a nonstop 24-hour period, these not-for-profit organizations will be dedicated to creating a force of individuals committed to raising funds to support families, communities, and organizations in need after the devastating impact of Hurricane Fiona in recent days. This commitment brings together a powerful, strong, and indelible duty to help alleviate the suffering caused by this unforgiving disaster afflicting the residents of Puerto Rico.



“We are inviting everyone to join us in this historic effort: our employees, Board Members, neighbors, community leaders, media friends, Elected Officials, personalities, volunteers, and all the people that would like to support the island in this difficult moment” As we did with Hurricane Maria in 2017, after the earthquakes in 2020 and during the past 63 years, we will continue supporting with economic relief to those victims of the most affected municipalities around “La Isla del Encanto,” expressed Dr. Luis Rodriguez, CEO of Puerto Rican Family Institute.


The operation called: “Fionathon, extend your hands and support Puerto Rico” will take place at Puerto Rican Family Institute Headsquares in Manhattan (145 west 15th street) this coming Friday, September 30th, from 2 pm until Saturday, October 1st at 2 pm.



“Relief for the families and communities in need is the Foundation's main priority; we are committed to directly supporting those in need. We want to give them hope and remind them that they are not alone. There is a strong community of Puerto Rican around the globe ready to extend their hands and help,” mentioned Maria Dávila-Peguero, Board Member of Hope for Families and Children Foundation. 



Hourly on the hour during those 24 hours, the organization will be live on their social media platforms @Puerto Rican Family Institute / @HOPEPRFI, with a special guest to share with the virtual communities the progress of the relief effort.



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