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Puerto Rican Family Institute, Inc. is based on the principle of people first.  We are proud to provide person-centered care to the individuals we serve. PRFI’s focus is on the person and their strengths, not their diagnosis or disability.  Our support is focused on achieving the person’s aspirations and tailored to the needs and unique circumstances that they present to us.


A non-for-profit, multi-program, family-oriented health and human services agency that provides culturally sensitive services to children adults and families in all of New York Communities.  We also provide services in Puerto Rico.


We are committed to the elimination of racism, the prevention of violence, and all forms of discrimination. PRFI commitment to the people and communities we serve to assist with empowering and removing barriers of African Americans, Latinos, and all minorities in New York and Puerto Rico. No one is denied services for race, language, sexual orientation, religion, or inability to pay.  Our diverse staff is here and ready to help everyone that walks through our doors. WE ARE PRFI!


Is to enhance the functioning and self-sufficiency of diverse marginalized communities and prevent family disintegration.



Luis A. Rodriguez, MD, MBA.

He is a dynamic, results-oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high-paced organizations. He can utilize team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementations of best practices.  He has a keen understanding of business priorities, genuine team player committed to managing operations and projects flawlessly while contributing to revenue-producing activities.


His areas of expertise include:

Strategic, Vision & Mission Planning/ Budgeting & Cost management/ Public Relations/Government Regulations & Relations /Human Resources Management/Contracts.


He has been the executive in charge for many child welfares programs, early educational programs, community resources, and programs for individuals with developmental disabilities and programs under the Office of Refugee Resettlement.  Prior to PRFI, he was the Senior Vice President for Abbott House.


Luis has a master’s in business administration from the City University of New York (Baruch College) and medical specialties from Harvard University.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Luis A. Rodriguez, MD, MBA.

Chief Executive Officer


Diana Almanzar, CCEP, CHC

Corporate Compliance and Privacy Office


Carlos M. Barbosa, MT

Child & Adult Placement Prevention Programs

Norma Batista

VP Children & Families Development

Puro Cedeño

Information & Technology/MIS

Sonia Gonzalez-Cruz

Head Start Bronx, NY

Candida Hierro

Human Resources

Syed Islam

Residential Programs

Maria Larraguibel, LCSW

Mental Health and Health Homes


Miguel A. Nin, PE

Facility Manager/ Operations

Charlie Ugarte


Executive Team

Executive Team

Mildred Allen, P.h.D.

Board Chair

John Robert

Vice Chair/Treasurer


Sonia Villanueva

1st Vice Chair,


Angelina Cabrera



Patricia Stryker

Board Member


Omari L.R. Mason

Board Member


Ieunice Roberts

Board Member

Stephen F. Viafore

Board Member


Manuel Mendez

Board Member


Maria Dávila-Peguero

Board Member and President of Hope for Families and Children Foundation, Inc.


Board of Directors

Board of Directors