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How do we measure the effectiveness of the services provided?

As fiscal, moral and social accountability takes on more important aspect for social services agencies performance, maintaining high standards for measuring type of services delivered- and the efficiency of these services remains at the core of our main objectives, values and oversight responsibility. This is a true testimonial and accomplishment of our compliance process.

We work together to make a positive change in the individual’s life.  The integration of services (Health Homes, Prevention Programs, Early Educational Services, Mental Health and the Residential Programs for individuals with developmental delays) is providing a full spectrum of personal and social solutions.  It is a comprehensive approach to social services and how they impact individuals, families, and communities.


This approach demands a more sophisticated method of measuring and monitoring progress


  • Day to day interactions between participants and service providers

  • Cross platform data integration

  • Compliance with Programs Governmental Regulatory Policies and Procedures

  • Proper oversight and supervision models to meet and exceed agency standards