Counseling/Mental Health Services

The Puerto Rican Family Institute operates three outpatient mental health clinics treating children ages 5 years old and onward.  We provide family and group services. Our mission is to promote individual and emotional well-being through the provision of comprehensive diagnostic treatment services. Historically, the underserved Hispanic mentally ill population was targeted. Currently, the Institute is committed to providing services to all cultures and ethnic traditions of people, through a holistic and respectful

manner utilizing evidence based-treatment methods

Our Mental Health Clinics are open conducting Tele-health/Tele-psychiatry (phone and/or video) We are taking new patients. We also take most insurance carriers.

Bronx Mental Health Clinic

4123 Third Avenue 

Bronx NY 10457

(718) 299-3045

Bryan Epel, LCSW -Lead Supervisor

Brooklyn Mental Health Clinic

28 Debevoise St, 5th floor

Brooklyn NY 11206

(718) 963-4430

Maria Larraguibel, LCSW    

VP of Behavioral Health Services

Manhattan Mental Health Clinic

145 West 15 Street, 5th floor

New York, NY 10011

(212) 229-6905

Nayla Lehrfeld, LCSW - Lead Supervisor

Mental Health Billings:


Intake Coordinator 

212. 229.6942 Ext. 1972.