Child Placement  Prevention  Program  CPPP

The Institute’s four city wide prevention programs combine casework counseling and treatment with a variety of proven support and concrete services to frame interventions that support the family, and strengthen communities plagued by multiple social and economic stressors.
Services are designed to prevent initial placement of children and adolescents, avert re-entry, and to reduce the time a child spends in placement, as a result of child abuse or neglect.
PRFI provides parenting skills training utilizing a bilingual and bicultural curriculum that it has developed that promotes parent-child bonding and improves the parent’s child rearing skills and knowledge of child development.

Bronx CPPP

3251 Third Ave. 3rdFl.
Bronx, NY 10456
Tel: 718- 584- 6268
Director: Kara Kimble, LMSW

Bushwick CPPP

358 Grove St. 1st.Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Tel: 718- 387- 5200
Director: Marioli Sterling, LMSW


2924 Fulton St. 1st Fl
Brooklyn, NY 11207  
Tel: 718-.647- 7520
Director: Portia Robinson

Williamsburg CPPP

785 Flushing Ave. 5th Fl
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Tel: 718- 782- 7701
Director: Irma Rodriguez, MSW

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Monday - Saturday 
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


145 W 15th Street New York,

NY 10011


Tel: 212-924-6320

Fax: 646.306-0513


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